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Anna Holt – Education – Label Interview

Anna Holt – Education – Label Interview

Have you looked into the viability of releasing timetables?

When I was in my first year, Amy Ward was the Education EO and she managed to move the timetable release 2-3 weeks earlier, so it’s already been done before. I’ve also talked to the Pro Vice Chancellor of teaching who’s new in the role this year and one of her pushing points is also the exam timetables, so if she thinks it’s possible as well then I’ll be able to work with her to hopefully achieve something.

What relevant experience do you have for this role?

I’m currently the program president for the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, I’m also their department chair and I’ve been programme rep for 2 years before I was programme president. I’ve also been a peer mentor and those are all roles within the education section.

Please can you expand on your dissertation clarification point?

I study sports science and management and we did our proposals at the end of second year, then we were assigned tutors when we got back in 3rd year with our hand in in May. Geography however did their proposal in March of 2nd year and got dissertation tutors and were then were able to do research over summer, but we but we didn’t get that opportunity until October/November time, so they in total had an extra 2 months. Psychology is also in my department and theirs is even later than mine, and I think they should all be the same at least in the same department. I want to make sure everyone has the same amount of time and if there are differences we want to know why. I’m sure different projects will need different amounts of time, but I would just like some clarification for the students.

Do you think there are any other immediate issues you want to address within your role?

I think there needs to be more postgraduate support. There is a postgraduate EO now, although he’s doing a great job I think there needs to be more support on the academic side. The programme president rep system isn’t so great within the PGR courses, so looking at those perhaps would be another priority.

What’s your favourite thing about the union?

My favourite thing about the union is how open it is, you can come in here whenever you want and the student voice is great – you can drop in whenever you have a problem, they’re always very open to talk to you. It’s just a great atmosphere in here and everyone is welcome.

How achievable do you think your goals are?

I think the peer mentoring and peer assisted learning ones are achievable. In my manifesto I put ‘more departments’ I didn’t want to say ‘all’ departments, because it’s not relevant for all departments. I think it’s been around for 2-3 years and they’ve already got it in my department so an extra year will allow more departments to have them. With the exam timetables and lecture timetables, that might be trickier but if I have got the support of Rachel Thompson the pro Vice Chancellor of teaching and she’s the main driving force in the university so hopefully I will be able to do that. With the dissertation clarity, this one will lead on from one of Lewis’s priorities, which is dissertation feedback and tutor supervision, so it will lead directly from there so I can continue his work and he already has the connection set up so hopefully that will be achievable as well.


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