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Ashish Sharma – Union President – Label Interview

Ashish Sharma – Union President – Label Interview

What skills and experience do you have that make you suitable for this role?
I have 6 years of work experience as a technology consultant in leadership and management positions and working with various clients across Europe and the US. I have led a team of many members and I have leadership skills, analysis skills, understanding power and I have a strong character. I can provide quick solutions and new ideas.

In your manifesto, you say you want to bring about change in a number of areas including education and social activities, please can you explain how you would go about doing this?
It’s not about me, it is about us. It is about all the students and whatever the requirement and needs of the students are. We need to ask them , talk to them and address those concerns and issues. For example, 9am lectures are a big issue for students but it is not being taken care of so we need to address it. This was just an example but there are many more big issues that the students face, and they are hesitant to share so we need to make an environment where students concerns and issues are addressed. We will make changes according to what the students want, not what the President wants.

What aspect of the Union do you think needs improving the most?
We cannot only be number one in the UK, we have to be number one all over the world. We need to see what the other top universities in the world are doing. Why do we copy Harvard referencing system? Why don’t Harvard copy a Loughborough referencing system? We need to believe in ourselves, we need to do something that the world will follow, not us following the world. Thank you.

In your manifesto you say you want to improve the involvement with RAG and Welfare and Diversity, how would you go about doing this?
We need to add more people into RAG, and we need to do door to door marketing for that. We need to involve more people. If we check the statistics of peoples involvement in RAG, we will know the answer and see how many more people are required to be involved. We need to ask them what their interest are, it is not all about boozing and dancing on the dance floor. There are more areas that students are interested in and we need to cover everyone.

How would you change the recreational activities and parties that you mention in your manifesto?
Basically, we need to add different things every day. If we do the same thing every day, people will get bored. Monotony always leads to boredom. We need to add various new activities. Why do people have to go to Amsterdam to party? Why don’t we make Amsterdam people come to Loughborough and party? We need to think creatively: new thinking and new solutions are required.

Have you got any idea of what specific events you would like to take place?
We can celebrate Christmas every day. Why should we wait for the 25th December at the end of every year?


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