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Ellie Glock – Rag – Label Interview

Ellie Glock – Rag – Label Interview

What are you going to do to ensure you hit the £1,000,000 target?

I’ve got three main points in my manifesto, but basically I want to get more students involved. The Department Student Federation (DSF) is becoming a bigger thing in the Union, and I really want to use that because every student has a department, but not every student is in a hall. The aim is not to steal students from halls, but to engage with students who don’t get involved in halls with something they can put on their CV, with their course mates.


You talk about the changing demographic, is that connected?

Yes. Loughborough has gone up in the league tables so students are coming here for more academic reasons, and because it’s a big sporting university, people are taking everything more seriously. People aren’t joining in treks as much. Raids have gone up, which is always a positive, but shorter events seem to be what’s working best and departments are ideal for that because they can just do it in a day.


With the College, how are you going engage with them specifically?

The issue of them being under-18 is something we need to get sorted as early as possible. We tried to get a College Raid sorted this year and it fell through, so I’m going to build on the plans we had for this year as early as we possibly can. I really want to get College Raids sorted, have a mini Choose a Challenge, maybe just a couple of tables in the big space; events college students might really engage with. Then maybe every two weeks try to get a table in College just to talk about what’s going on, what raids are coming up, so they feel part of the section.


You talk about wanting to reward the postgrad and international student population with more loyalty points. Will this be extra points in addition to what you’re already giving normal students or will it be equal?

Currently for our scoring system with DSF you get double points for sober social as opposed to a drinking social, so I want to do something similar to that. If those students come to raids, they get double points. I haven’t sorted it out, I need to talk with the DSF President.


What would you do to recognise specific individuals?

I want to do a ‘Top Fundraiser’, release social media about them, maybe a photo and what amazing things they’ve done, or a few depending on the month. I think that would be really nice. We could try and get some loyalty points. I know last year we got little loyalty point cards from Rachel, which was lovely. Two years ago we would get Q-Jump when we came back from a raid. Little things like that just to say thank you, we really appreciate what you’re doing. Obviously you can’t give loyalty points out to everyone, but if we show if you put your all in we do care, we do really appreciate this from you.


You also talk about making films about Bucket Collecting etc. Who is going to help you make them? Media? Marketing? Do you think they will be keen to help?

I think I would prefer Media, and for it to be student-led. I’d have to talk to them, I don’t know who’s going to be Media EO yet. We did one a couple of years ago with Breast Cancer Now so I already have a format, it only needs to be 5 minutes. We could show them on the coach, saying “this is our two best raisers at Loughborough, if you want to try and do what they do, here you go”.


Your manifesto focuses largely on Rag raids? What other elements of what Rag have inspired you to run for this position?

I really enjoy internal events such a Apocalypse and Colour Dash, because you get so many people involved. It’s lovely to see all the Reps really pitching in. You get so much of the campus involved, especially for a run because you go all the way around it. I love the community feel of Rag, we are very close-knit, and a really good group of mates. Anyone who comes on a raid, we just bring them into that. They’re like my family, so I just want to look after them next year.


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