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Gafyn Donald – Media – Label Interview

Gafyn Donald – Media – Label Interview

What experience do you have that qualifies you for this role and do you think you have enough experience across all four sections of Media?
I know it’s going to be a big critique of me that I haven’t seemingly done that much. I am head of sport for LCR, I’ve also had a massive hand in the Match Report. I haven’t done that much for the other two sections but I think I’ve given a lot to Media and I think the guys have respected all I have done this year and how hard I have tried to work. I have tried my best to do as much as I can for Media this year and I feel that I am learning. I think I can do a good job if I do get elected.

You talk about having more events like ‘Make Your Mark’, how do you think you’re going to draw in different people each time?
Coming from my experience, towards the end of last year I got involved in Media for the first time and that is because people were reaching out to me to come and do it. I think at the start of the year people don’t always want to get involved in things, however they hear about their friends doing these things and having a lot of fun. I think if we put out more events throughout the year we are more likely to get people who have been lost by the wayside. I think encouraging people all the time to try and get a hand in it is the best way to get more volunteers.

You talk about a more uniform hall marking system, please could you elaborate on this?
I’m good friends with the Towers hall chair and some others, and they have come to me and spoken about their uncertainty over how much everything is worth in terms of the hall marking system. E.g. he is not sure how a radio show marks up against a photo library. We should have a uniform marking system and set out how many points you would get for certain things in a simple and accessible way.

You talk about uploading stuff to YouTube, please could you expand on this as we don’t currently upload stuff to YouTube?
I know there is a YouTube channel and I believe there is so much untapped potential in YouTube. A lot of people I talk to watch YouTube videos on a regular basis, so I think that is a massive base we can go into. I think a lot of people are more likely to click on a YouTube video than a website.

Do you think a YouTube channel would detract from the LSU website?
I think it could do, but hopefully they would work hand in hand. I’m not saying we should do away with the website, I think the website is fantastic. Shorter videos about what the halls are doing throughout the year could be uploaded to the LSU media channel and show how good Loughborough is to everyone else. However I still think the website is fantastic, the majority of the good work that people do here does go up on the website and I think that’s a great place as well, but adding a YouTube channel on to that can only make things better.

You talk about using TV screens around the Uni, how will you encourage sections to use the screens?
I think it’s about trying to get LSU out there as a brand. Many people aren’t aware of the resource, it is massively untapped. If we put up a match report or a Label article or photos from a night out or photos from a night out, it shows how good a job the guys are doing. A lot of that goes by the wayside, not many people understand the effort that everybody puts into Media. I think it’s only fair to highlight the good things that we do. I think that would be a great way to do it.

In addition to that, the screens on campus are controlled by the university rather than the union, how will you convince staff members around the university that media deserves that space?
I think Media does deserve it! All the good things that are coming out of Loughborough we cover every day, from Stuesday to the big match on a Wednesday. We do everything in and around the Uni and I think if we put it across in the right way, they will understand that we do such a good job and we deserve to show it off. I think Loughborough university will want to show this off. Media is such a massive part of Loughborough university so I think people will be happy to put this stuff up there, we might just have to pester them a bit and hope that they see it the way that we do.


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