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George Etherington – Union President – Label Interview

George Etherington – Union President – Label Interview

How can you justify building new spaces for social activities? And if you use existing rooms, which will these be? 

With the rebuild around towers, that’s where I would aim to look originally, and obviously it being close to the union it can be an area to use existing rooms, or with the new build in Shirley Pearce square, that’s not maybe purpose built as such, but built so they could be changed for a night. If it was purpose built it would be a much longer project and it wouldn’t have to be just for the social activities but more of an area like a campus common room or a social space for all times of the day.

The Alumni Relations department in the University already organise alumni visits etc., how will your plans differ from the work they do?

When Falk-Egg as a hall we organised our ‘Old Boys’ weekend, it was/is the biggest alumni weekend for any hall across campus. It is the alumni who organise it rather, and not set reps, which is what I want to do, but have people who are points of contacts for their year group and that is how we manage it so successfully. I think if each hall has an Alumni reps, they can be stronger points of contact to the alumni department.

Why do you think JC’s is a main priority when it’s only just been renovated and the rest of the Union hasn’t been? Is it worth throwing more money at it?

Because of firstly the backlash over it, I was in the meetings at the start of the year where we were raising concerns about it and these have still not been fully acknowledged. Whilst the flow of it has changed on nights out, it hasn’t become an enticing place for students, I think simple things like bringing a pool table down from Fusion for the day and a space for that kind of area will bring in more students. I also think the space isn’t used being used fully for its potential. I do however think it’s a lot stronger compared to the start of the year but the space can definitely be used a lot better.

How is Movember going to be more effective? With what information?

I’d aim to make it more of a university month because at the moment it’s sort of offered to halls to run and they can either go with it or not. I think if it’s really pushed, we can expand the campaign and if we relate it to men’s mental health and even talk to sport, we can push men’s mental health as a main subject.

Do you think you have a wide enough knowledge of sections in the Union? Just because we’ve noticed that you call Heads Up a campaign when it is in fact an association?

I’m in HSF and am Hall Chair, so I’m relayed everything to do with each department, then I have to manage my own hall committee and their sections, I’ve got involved in everything too so I do feel like have a good knowledge.

Is there anything you want to say that isn’t on your Manifesto?

The only thing I didn’t mention was a possible restructuring of the Sing Off. There’s lots of strain on hall committees to be the barrier between other halls and I disagree with the idea that students are going in drunk encouraged to chant abusive chants, but then it’s only the hall committees etc. that can do anything about it. If things do spill over the blame comes over onto the hall committees, I just think we need a stronger bond with the union, safety with it is the main thing.


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