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Michael Dunne – Rag – Label Interview

Michael Dunne – Rag – Label Interview

What will you do to communicate with increased transparency between students and charities?

I plan to contact the charities themselves, find out more about the stories of people they’ve helped, find out what investments they’re making in terms of maybe a research charity like Breast Cancer Now, and find out what they’ve invested in. I can relay it back to the students and they can feel a sense of achievement in what they’ve done. Rather than just completing their challenge, whether it’s a marathon or skydive, I want to give them a sense of completion so they know they are donating X amount of money to this cause, and this is what the charity will get out of it.

Websites notoriously take a long time to get up and running. There is a new LSU website, why will you not use that to save time and money?

It’s more the content of the Rag section, which is mainly sign ups and maybe a little bit of information about what Rag does. However, I don’t feel it would be too much to ask for details about every single trip we do. At the start of the year we do Rag Mags, so this year they were in every Freshers’ pack, but at the start of the year so many sections get pushed at you that the Rag Mag can get lost among thousands of leaflets.

You talk about hall charity events, so what specialised events would you organise that would engage more students?

I will leave that to the reps because I want to encourage them to organise their own. It gives them more of a skill in terms of CVs.

You want to engage College and postgrads, which everyone wants to but it’s really tricky. How are you going to do that?

A big part of that is the website. It makes it easier for them to access the information because you can leave maybe 100 Rag Mags in the College but there’s no guarantee people will pick them up, take them home and look at them. If it’s on a website it’s all there and easy to look at, with an email address for more information. We need to set the foundations for it because with the Rag Mags information is scattered. Postgraduates, and John Phillips have made huge improvements and recently did their first £10 Challenge, gaining a lot of publicity from it. We are already making headway getting them involved but College is lagging behind in terms of involvement.

Do you have any other targets for the year not mentioned in your manifesto?

There are two main goals for this position. Raising as much money as possible and student satisfaction. If the students aren’t enjoying themselves it’s going to be harder to recruit people for the next year and also it plays a part in Loughborough being the best for student experience.

What would you like to improve about the Union and student experience in general?

In terms of the people who don’t like drinking and getting involved in the social side, I feel there could be a lot more sober events within halls making sure that everyone is being catered for during Freshers’, including returners and postgrads. Freshers’ is a really good way of getting people together.


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