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Nathan Parker – Societies – Label Interview

Nathan Parker – Societies – Label Interview

What experience do you have that makes you suitable for your role?
I’ve been the Fever treasurer two different years and I’ve been a member of seven different societies: through that I’ve gained experience and seen what has gone well and what hasn’t gone well. I could take that forward to the Societies Exec Officer role.

Which other societies have you been involved in?
Fever, Sing, RockSoc, Pole, LSU Classical, Cocktail Society and the Disney Society.

In your manifesto, you talk about ‘Give it a Go week’. It will still be around Freshers, are you not concerned that it will still be lost amongst everything else? How are you going to combat that?
Giving it two weeks means that Freshers can have more options to find out what is going on rather than just having one week where everything is bombarding them.

Can you expand a little bit on your idea of ‘Swap week’?
Essentially, societies would combine with other societies for one or two sessions, to swap skills or discuss different faiths.
It sounds like Wipe Swap for societies!
Yeah! It does need more refining.

You talk about handing out loyalty points, every section gets a certain amount of loyalty points, would you be reallocating these or will you be needing to budget for more loyalty points?
I’d have to talk to the Union Management Team, but hopefully I could get a few more points to give out.

Are there any other changes that you haven’t mentioned in your manifesto that you would like to implement?
I would organise more society based socials so members can meet other like minded people and create more inter-society interaction.
Would that be with all societies or with societies that have a similar theme?
A bit of both. Some within sections such as Performance and Arts or Faith and Culture, whilst others would be general socials. There would be ones in the Union and then potentially some going bowling or going to the movies.

What’s your favourite thing about the Union?
Societies. I’ve been part of them for five years now, and they have just changed my life so much.

What is the main thing that you think would need changing or improving in the Societies section?
I don’t want to put Joe down. I think more publicity, and getting more people involved with the section. I feel like there are lots of people who don’t really know about the section and if they knew more about what was on offer, they would be more likely to try things out.


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