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Rory Pears – Action – Label Interview

Rory Pears – Action – Label Interview

What experience do you have that makes you suited to this position?

I was a hall rep for Faraday Hall, and I then went on to become project leader for the Coaching and Volunteering Academy, so I oversee their opportunities for volunteering. I’m also on Action committee as Hall Reps Coordinator so I sat directly on HSF with Executives and Action committee. These roles have given me great insight into how the section is run, without being on the Executive itself, so for me, being able to directly benefit the hall system is a great way to get my foot in the door. Being a hall rep you get to see all sides of Action helping out all members of committee. Being on committee and HSF has given me great insight into what I can give to the role.

How exactly will you increase postgrad involvement? How are you planning on keeping the Union open and available more than it already is in summer as it’s an expensive business to keep open?

For me, I spoke with George Hones, there’s about 4.5k students here over the summer, it’s a great way if I create projects over the summer to engage with them, and a great way for me to start my tenure as Executive Officer, making sure they still have the same opportunities and they feel comfortable over the summer while doing their projects. Rewarding them in different ways is something I will hopefully be able to talk to Anna more if I get the position, and want to make sure they can get the same benefits normal students do in normal term time.

Also, Exec handover period is in summer so how would that affect these plans?

It’s not a massive problem, the 2 week handover period is where I’ll focus mainly on how to do the job itself. When I’ve been shadowing Anna I’ve seen how her day works, after that I can start introducing projects. I might not have enough time in those 2 [handover] weeks, but during the rest of summer I can prepare and gauge what I can get out of the role.

How are Rag and Action going to work together on fundraising?

Speaking with Jonny and the rest of the committee, as well as Anna, budget is a big issue for Action and it changes each year. We have some projects and volunteers know they’re on that project early on, for example Kids Camp, and those who are certain they are going on the project could do some more fundraising opportunities. We can get hall reps and project leaders to come to these training things. Also, the volunteers feel more involved in the section. I know it’s a horrible cliché, but what they put into the projects they get out of them. Our committee this year is backing this idea, so we could start it, it might not work but we can look into it, we can just give more to our volunteers. If we have more money coming in from fundraising we can hopefully move around our budgets.

What are you going to pioneer for the year that’s different from the rest?

I said when I went for hall reps coordinator, Action is about evolving, not massively changing, and this year I’ve created handover documents such as cancellation document procedures for hall reps, so small things that haven’t been done before. The fundraising opportunities are something I’m keen to look into. It also hinges on hall committee involvement. I want to make them do a project per term or semester. They are at the top of the hall system. For me, if they are getting involved with the section then they can promote it themselves. I want to introduce to HSF something where hall committees have to have done a project either once per term, so there’s something I want to introduce.


  1. As Kids Camp Project Leader I fundamentally disagree with the idea of asking my volunteers to fundraise any further. If the project requires extra funding, the project leaders are well aware of the correct contacts to get in touch with and fundraising should only be completed as a team building activity. We ask so much of our volunteers on that intensive 5 day residential that I believe introducing compulsory fundraising would certainly threaten the appeal of the project to a potentially fantastic volunteer. A clear lack of understanding of the project from the candidate is evident here.


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