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Tom Stovell – Media – Label Interview

Tom Stovell – Media – Label Interview

Why are you applying for this role?
I am applying because I have a sense of wanting to give back. Media has given me a lot, I have learnt a lot, and completely changed my career ambitions because of Media. I just feel that I want to pass on the knowledge and help to improve Media. I want to give the next generation of volunteers the opportunities that I’ve had.

Please could you expand on your idea of having ‘handbooks’.
I’ve been on several committees myself within Media and I’ve found there is a distinct lack of information that has been passed on from year to year. These handbooks are going to have the experiences of the current committee: what has gone well and what has gone wrong, and how they have fixed it. This will help the future committees with any ideas they may have. The handbook will essentially be a more advanced handover so that the future committees aren’t just going in cold. When I came on to the TV committee, I had no handover and went into the role cold, not knowing what to expect from it. I want to help committees so that they can hit the ground running as soon as they come on.

How are you going to encourage committee members to keep on top of their diaries?
It is something that is beneficial to the committee members. It is something that has been talked about in TV for a couple of months. Committees will be slow to adopt it at first but they will be able to see the benefits and from then will be encouraged to do it themselves.

You talk about introducing periodical workshops throughout the year. What will these include?
They will be taster sessions. The idea is threefold: to promote LSU media content within halls, to try and bring new volunteers in after ‘Make Your Mark’ and create a steady influx throughout the year, and also to increase media engagement within halls.

We’ve had volunteers based on genre before, when we had content co-ordinators and that didn’t really work. How will your new cross-section marketing volunteers be different to that?
This will kind of go back to what we had a couple of years ago with the marketing committee. Each section has their own head of marketing , and they will be able to work to pull their resources together. For example, there are some aspects of marketing that I don’t excel at, whereas someone else from a different section might be better at that. Rather than being locked into your own section, it is about trying to pull resources together from across the whole of Media.

Training has traditionally happened for TV, LCR and Lens, but not for Label. Will you be changing this?
Yes, I would implement things such as journalism training and maybe try and get some alumni back. There are definitely areas we can look at of some formal training within Label, for example InDesign training for the design team. Training can definitely be brought in.


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