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Societies Debate: The Label Review

Societies Debate: The Label Review

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Our second debate was hard viewing for the sympathetic and a treat for the sadistic. Both candidates dodged or failed to answer questions and lacked a degree of depth but the more broadly experienced Nathan struggled under the pressure of the lights.

Nathan Parker

High Point: Some nice ideas that were undermined by a lack of confidence.

Low Point: A few to pick from but under-preparation left some gaping silences reminiscent of Ben Swain in ‘The Thick of It’.

Debate Score – 2/10

Sam Hill

High Point: Assured, experienced, and performed well under questioning.

Low Point: Spent almost as much time speaking about himself as he did his policies and made small but numerous mistakes.

Debate Score – 6/10

The Results

The Winner: Sam

David’s Verdict: It was very hard to not feel sorry for Nathan as he dug himself a deeper and deeper trench, in continuation of his Label interview – I can’t help but feel that Sam could have won the debate without opening his mouth. Despite performing well under pressure, Sam was definitely flawed in some of his responses to the panel’s questions but will ultimately come out of the debate on top. I’ll be interested to see how things go over the next few days with R.O.N. expected to get a solid turn-out.

By David Boyden, Sport Editor


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