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Affairs and Development Debate: The Label Review

Affairs and Development Debate: The Label Review

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After two extremely intense debates, we have our first uncontested candidate, how will they fare against the panel? On the face of it seems it can only go one way, but will they be put under even more pressure when all of the grilling is only directed at them?

Elliya Gemili

Elliya’s High Point: Elliya has a clear agenda to support students and particularly the newcomers and wants to work to develop Marketing and Comms and especially Student Forum, giving students a prominent voice next year with more awareness.

Elliya’s Low Point: It seems like some of her answers were recycled quite a bit and she seemed quite hesitant, especially with her closing statement which should have been the strongest!

Elliya’s Debate Score: – 6.5/10

The Results

Who won? Elliya? The Panel? It was a close tie but I feel like the Panel may have won.

Alice’s Verdict: Elliya could have be more convicted with her statements and seemed very hesitant answering questions in quite a roundabout way. It is very clear, however, that Elliya is passionate about making a difference for potential students, and specifically communicating exactly what Union Affairs will do, as it is currently not very widespread. Clearly she has a plan of action and ideas of how to communicate this section more, but are her plans pragmatic enough?


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