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Rag Debate: The Label Review

Rag Debate: The Label Review

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The Rag debate was arguably the most competitive so far but was marred by a constant struggle with timings. This could be one of the tighter results come election day.

Michael Dunne

High Point: Seems to be very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Rag and clearly has some promising ideas.

Low Point: Definitely the least confident of the candidates and his vagueness let down the quality of his policies.

Debate Score: 4/10


Ellie Glock

High Point: Full of ideas and wants a strong focus on the experience of the students.

Low Point: Not all ideas are very well thought through and consistently struggled with timings.

Debate Score: 7/10


Lumi Ojagbemi

High Point: Quick but thoughtful response to the question about the failings of a previous position holder that is echoed by the other candidates.

Low Point: Similarly to Ellie, he isn’t very concise and this undermines what could be strong ideas.

Debate Score: 7.5/10

The Results

Who won? It’s a tough one, but Lumi edged it.

David’s Verdict: All the candidates seem very experienced and qualified for the role but a lack of clarity and time management damaged their messages. It was interesting that they all said that volunteer satisfaction is more important than the volume of money raised but this sticks to their student orientated focus. It’s hard to pick a winner as Ellie and Lumi performed very similarly but I feel Lumi had the slight edge as his ideas seemed more original and grounded. He may have performed better on set but I’ll have to take another look over their manifestos before casting my vote.

– By David Boyden, Sport Editor


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