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Education Debate: The Label Review

Education Debate: The Label Review

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The first candidate of round 2 is Anna Holt running for Education EO. As an uncontested candidate Anna was confident with her answers and was able to answer everything the panel threw at her without hesitation.

Anna Holt

Anna’s High Point: Anna gave clear and confident answers showing her passion for the section while highlighting areas for change and what she would set out to do if she was elected. She also acknowledged the overlap in the roles of Education EO and Postgraduate EO and how the two roles could work together in order to effectively engage with all students.

Anna’s Low Point: Although Anna showed a clear set of goals to work on if she were to be elected, many of her points are fairly over ambitious and would require a lot of work and may not be achievable in just a year.

Anna’s Debate Score: 8/10


The Results

Winner: Anna

Lydia’s Verdict: Anna showed that she has the relevant experience in order to successfully take on the role of Education EO. She showed a wide knowledge of the section and gave well balanced answers that accurately covered the questions that the panel asked her. I think she is a very strong candidate and if she were to be elected would bring in some really beneficial ideas that would impact and support all students throughout their degrees.

By Lydia Kah-Pavlou, Culture Editor


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