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Sport Debate: The Label Review

Sport Debate: The Label Review

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This is the first year that the Sport candidate is uncontested. After Luke Thomson’s two years in the role how will Ashlea make a difference in her time as EO

Ashlea Prescott

Ashlea’s High Points: Ashlea is an experienced candidate and her manifesto points were well explained and justified in her debate. The focus on keeping Loughborough sports on top by winning BUCS and giving students opportunities for coaching and volunteering.

Ashlea’s Low Points: Although having a very strong debate is there a risk that sport will become targeted even more closely at experienced and high-level performance athletes. As highlighted by Ryan from the boxing club if there are limited training facilities then sacrifices for beginner’s classes, as well as MyLifestyle may have to be made.

Ashlea’s Debate Score: 8/10

The Results

Winner: Ashlea

Emma’s Verdict: Ashlea is a strong candidate for Sport EO. Her manifesto is well explained and looks to follow on from the work of Luke in the past two years. Her focus on keeping Loughborough on top and the best at sport is promising. There is however, potential for those who attend Loughborough and are not already involved in sport to miss out on facilities in the light of cutbacks to MyLifestyle and a focus on performance sport.

By Emma Morgan, Features Editor


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