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Welfare and Diversity Debate: The Label Review

Welfare and Diversity Debate: The Label Review

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Hannah Keating is the uncontested candidate for the Welfare and Diversity role.

Hannah Keating

Hannah’s High Point:

Hannah is a well-informed candidate who understands what aspects of the Welfare & Diversity section require development. She has identified that the mature student association requires a committee and hopes to implement this. She also acknowledges that the newer liberation associations such as the mature and disability association will require extra support to bring them up to par with associations such as Women’s Network and LGBT+.

Hannah’s Low Point:

She has the vision to educate the majority to support the minority. This is quite ambitious and she did not really have any specific details or a plan on how she could go about this. Fundamentally, this idea is a perfect solution, but she has not vocalised any consideration for its practicality.

Hannah’s Debate Score: 8


The Results

Winner: Hannah

Asli’s Verdict: Hannah is experienced in the Welfare & Diversity section and has a coherent understanding on how to develop this section further. Her awareness of consent, sexual health and minorities, is deeply reassuring for students. I hope she can implement effective actions in order to reach out to the majority (white males) and make Welfare & Diversity accessible to all.

– By Asli Jensen, Comment Editor


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