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Finance and Development Debate: The Label Review

Finance and Development Debate: The Label Review

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Yet another uncontested candidate for VP Finance and Development. Sam holds relevant experience previously having been a treasurer

Sam Hanys

Sam’s High Points: He is showing he prioritises the student experience over financial gain. As the debate continued he seems to have become more confident in his answers in light of some difficult and unexpected questions.

Sam’s Low Points: Was unable to answer the first question as he doesn’t seem aware of the ins and outs of the role. Is unsure of some numbers and at times was vague of his answers and numbers. Is he unsure whether he is able to keep the Union from making a loss. His choice of words in “I haven’t a clue” suggests some more knowledge of the role would’ve helped this debate.

Sam’s Debate Score: 5.5


The Results

Winner: Sam

Lydia and Emma’s Verdict: I am unsure that Sam is fully aware of the workings of the Finance role, he seems to be concerned with making the student experience better, which although important to us as students he also needs to be financially viable. However, as an uncontested candidate he has got experience and wants the role making him the best option we have

– By Lydia Kah-Pavlou, Culture Editor and Emma Morgan, Features Editor


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