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Media Debate: The Label Review

Media Debate: The Label Review

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Now we have two candidates head-to-head running for the position of Media EO. Will the grilling be as intense between opposing candidates as we’ve seen so far? Read below how the debate panned out:

Gafyn Donald

Gafyn’s High Point: Gafyn has clearly shown that he has the ability to manage people as well as show he has a passion for Media.

Gafyn’s Low Point: Having only had 7 months within Media, is that enough experience to successfully run a section for a whole year?

Gafyn’s Debate Score: 5/10


Tom Stovell

Tom’s High Point: Tom clearly has a lot of technical and practical knowledge critical to produce and manage content for the Media section and an agenda with regards to recruiting volunteers.

Tom’s Low Point: Although he has shown his wealth of experience, he struggled to convince the panel that he has confidence to manage people as well as manage content.

Tom’s Debate Score: 4/10


The Results

Who won? – This was a close one, since both candidates expressed many similar points which were translated in many different ways. This time, however, I feel the Panel won here.

Alice’s Verdict: With this debate we were faced with two very different people. Tom, who has had experience in a range of roles across Media over a couple of years appears to be the most qualified. Gafyn, however, bears other critical qualities. Though he admits his lack of experience, emphasises his approachability and his pragmatic method to problem-solving. With both candidates, there seems to be a significant imbalance with both having qualities that each one could benefit from. The debate here is whether technical know-how trumps passion and the experience of media overall.


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