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Action Debate: The Label Review

Action Debate: The Label Review

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For the penultimate debate we have Anna rerunning for Action EO against the fresher faced Rory. How does Anna’s experience play out against the popular polling Rory in this debate can he make LSU history as the first person to beat a rerunning candidate?

Anna Milewska

Anna High Point: Anna is experienced and knows the role and how she wants to continue her work. She is also good at communicating and comes across well during the debate having answers to all questions and proposes that as the first candidate to re-run for Action she can take the role into new ground.

Anna Low Point: Several times Anna had to ask the panel to repeat questions and suggests a lack of focus during the debate. Furthermore there was lack of answers to some questions posed by the panel and some prompts that interrupted her answers. She failed to resolved problems in her section with Action and Rag.

Debate Score: 7


Rory Pears

Rory’s High Point: Rory has been on a hall committee, won awards and comes across confidently with  relevant experience for this role. Rory spoke confidently and has answers for all his questions, he seems aware of what Anna has previously implemented in the role and how he will expand on these points himself.

Rory’s Low Point: Rory’s motivation for taking the role is questionable, he mentioned he couldn’t make the visit to London as there was a coursework deadline and isn’t sure why he is applying for this role, as he had no answer to what this role can offer for his aspirations

Debate Score: 7


The Results

Winner: This debate is too close to call…

Emma’s Verdict: The opening statements led to an audience cheer for Rory Pears and this shows how closely contested this position is. The debate included both candidates asking for questions to be repeated slowing down the heat of the argument. That said this was probably the closest debate of the day so far. However, it seems for the first time a new candidate may have the edge in beating a re-running candidate but this is a very close debate to call.

By Emma Morgan, Features Editor


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