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Michael Dunne: Right To Reply

Michael Dunne: Right To Reply
My name is Michael Dunne and I’m running for Rag EO. I want to focus this reply on my manifesto points as I don’t feel they have been explored enough in this election process:
1)      Increasing transparency between the charities and students. As it stands, only students who are registered for trips or who go on raids receive any sort of feedback about where their fundraised money goes.
I want this to change; I want stories about who we’ve helped to be published over LSU’s or LSU Rag’s social media so students have a clearer idea of that Rag does and who we help.
2)      Access to information about challenges. Currently the main way students find out about challenges is through Rag mags (magazines detailing events we do in the year), however these tend to get lost or thrown away at the start of the year along with leaflets students pick up from Sports, Societies or Action bazaars.
I want information about these events put on the LSU Rag website to make it easier for students to find out what they can get involved in.
3)      Encourage more hall charity events. This is not only for the benefit of the students within that hall but this also increases the variety of Rag events postgraduates can get involved in.
Many postgrads can feel daunted by fundraising targets so having these events available can increase involvement for those students.
This week has been a real enjoyment for me and it has been great meeting so many students and talking to them about my manifesto.
If you agree with the direction I want Rag to take, vote for me for Rag executive officer 2017-18.


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