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George Etherington: Right To Reply

George Etherington: Right To Reply
Hello, I’m George ‘Of The Jungle’ Etherington, running to be your next Union President. I wanted to take my opportunity to reply to Label regarding some queries on my manifesto points.
What I think is great is that there has been no question over my aims to improve and support mental health campaigns, and look into how I could expand nightline into a daytime service for students on waiting lists for counselling, with the long term view of creating funding in order to shorten these waiting times.
There has also been no question that having been a part of organising the largest alumni event across campus, that I can help to spread alumni style events similar to this to all halls, creating great weekends filled with opportunities to learn and get contacts regarding future employment.
I feel it is only fair I use my right to reply to expand upon two points that were questioned slightly.
The restructuring of JC’s idea is to make better use of the space. The general consensus has seemed that whilst JC’s is becoming more popular, it is still not reaching anywhere near its potential. I aim to integrate easy measures at first to create a more student friendly environment, by adding simple items such as a pool table.
Where I want to go with the plans is much larger. I want to be able to source suitable storage facilities within the union to store tables and chairs, so that the area can be used for events that are otherwise held elsewhere such as Cognito’s. What this aims to achieve is to free up Cognito’s as an area for social activity in the evenings in the short term, with a view to redevelopment in the long term.
My point on creating social spaces has also been questioned by Label, so again I will expand upon the point. 
My aim is to create social spaces that can be hired out in the evenings by sports and societies. Here they can make use of the space for socials, without struggling to find Hall Common Rooms to hold them. What this will also do is take the strain off Halls who feel they must make their common rooms available to these groups, whilst worrying over damages. 
The spaces will therefore provide great space for groups to hold social activity, whilst Halls worry less about damage within their common room, and Halls can develop their common rooms with less worry over fragile items.
I aim to make these spaces an off campus student common room during the day, where students travelling onto campus can go to relax and meet other off campus students here. This is to hopefully make off campus students feel more integrated within the campus.
My hope is that these spaces can be used during exam periods as areas for group meetings to take place, and students to study with friends, which should also release the strain on the Library and reduce crowdedness.


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