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Ash Prescott: Right To Reply

Ash Prescott: Right To Reply

The Bubble debate and R.O.N.’s manifesto may have raised some questions. I hope to answer these and offer further reasons to vote Ash ‘Ketchum’ Prescott for Sport E.O.

R.O.N. suggests new ideas are required to move the AU forward. Given that an AU strategic plan is currently being created, continuing this would be more beneficial than neglecting these positive changes. Thus my manifesto focuses on imbedding this, to ensure they become foundations; building on the current sporting offer.

Point one of my manifesto centres on awareness and seeks to improve our targeted marketing, not increase our output. Promotion of events could be more effective still; using the University’s data insight project and finding a dedicated person or team to dictate marketing across all of student sport should pull these platforms together and reduce the number of students who don’t find the right opportunities.

R.O.N. comments that spectatorship has been a manifesto point of the last four years. Despite the lack of success in previous years, we now have a backlog of events to refer to in the future, allowing next year’s AU Executive to make steps towards higher spectator engagement.

Although R.O.N. agrees support for volunteers could be improved, they see further coach support as an unnecessary addition to an expansive workload. Coaches lead and develop our athletes; in order to continue our history of success we must support these people. As the AU Intern I have started a coaching project with the CVA, which I envisage the next intern continuing, with my support.

R.O.N, like many others, appears to believe that increasing accessibility to disabled students would require spending lots of resources, adding new activities. However, many opportunities are already accessible, but aren’t advertised correctly. Simple ideas like an accessible sticker or rating on promotional material; a clear section in the website, and a stand at the Sport Bazaar for Disability Sport, will help these students find what they need. This can be expanded if demand requires.

Financially, the majority of AU Clubs are now sustainable; this has, in some cases, increased costs for students. I have proposed a financial review, to seek areas where we can minimise costs to students.

Due to time limitations in the bubble debate, a point around My Lifestyle may have been misinterpreted. I was asked what I would cut if our facilities became too stretched. Currently AU Clubs are given priority for facility time, especially BUCS fixtures, which create the reputation we rely on. If a reduction of facilities was necessary, this prioritisation would remain, suggesting recreational offers would lose out. This would not wipe out a whole programme; decisions would be made using the new ‘Swipe Me’ data. If this situation were to occur, I would be representing all of student sport through this and would argue against anything that was not pro our students wants and needs.

I hope that this will reassure you that I truly am the best person to take on the role of Sport E.O. in 2017/18.


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