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Ashish Sharma: Right To Reply

Ashish Sharma: Right To Reply

I didn’t mention the details earlier because there is a word limit of 250 words to manifesto . I would like to hear student opinions and concerns which they face in daily life.We need to form a think tank for addressing issues, discussion and implementing solutions.Weekly meeting for this purpose will be great.
For education, we need to make changes in exams and coursework as per student’s requirements. Reading/ writing is not the only the way of test mode but also listening/ speaking can be implemented as student’s requirement.Debates / discussions to improve and make changes should happen regularly throughout the year.
We need to add more varieties of food on campus with good quality.
For trips we may need to plan flexible trips using car or flights to places and time of students choice.
In holidays time I have observed, there is wastage of electricity in student union building. So go green initiative to save electricity to be started.
For employability, conducting fairs is not enough. We may need to start on the spot offer scheme where students get job on campus with companies visiting here.
For loughborough London campus , we need to have better connectivity with our campus.
For students living off campus , a meeting to be set up with programme representatives to adress their concerns.
We need to hear the voice of Loughborough college students as well.We may need to include more societies for students who are currently not in any of the society.
For every hall chair , we may have anti hall chair to criticise the activities by implementing devils advocacy method.


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