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Results Night: The Label Review

Results Night: The Label Review

Results Night is the evening where ALL of the tireless campaigning and dramatic buildup comes to a climax, and 2017’s Exec Elections was no different! We saw all 21 candidates take to the stage in Room 1, which was absolutely packed full of buzzing students eager to find out the winners of each role in the electric atmosphere. Below are the actual results and some points drawn from their manifestos – because who says we can’t stop grilling the candidates after they’ve won?! Without further ado, here are all of your winning candidates who will be your Executive team for 2017-18 – and a huge congratulations to all who took part!

Action – Anna Milewska: This was a very tight win with no clear predictions of who may have taken the Action throne. Candidates who re-run generally are re-elected but this year Rory Pears stood as a strong competitor against the incumbent Anna so it was difficult to pinpoint who would win. Nevertheless, Anna won again to run as your Action EO for her final year – will she work to continue developing her points proposed in her manifesto and build on what she has already achieved?

College – Josh Thompson: Here we had another re-runner for the position against Tom ‘James’ Bond, but once again the incumbent candidate was re-elected for another final year as your College EO! Will he actually make his proposed loyalty scheme happen and allocate new committee members? Will the new social spaces materialise?

Education – Anna Holt: The first uncontested candidate defeated RON easily! Will she hold through with her promise of releasing those timetables earlier and her other propositions? Time will only tell!

Enterprise and Employability EO – Leo Yang: Yet another uncontested candidate won against RON; now all that’s left to see if whether he will carry out his planned events for PGT/PGR students and LUiL or continue pushing the development of the Careers Network with Enterprise?

Media – Gafyn Donald: Tom Stovell lost out to Gafyn Donald who will be your next Media EO for 2017/18! Now is the time to see whether Gafyn’s plans to integrate YouTube into LSU Media and to create more student-tailored content will prove fruitful!

Rag – Lumi Ojagbemi: After three painful rounds, Lumi Ojagbemi eventually exceeded the quota (as they say) and will officially be your new Rag EO 2017/18! As proposed in his manifesto, now that he’s elected, will he successfully orchestrate the new and improved raids and improve the feedback system?

Societies – Sam Hill: Two candidates up against one another again and Sam Hill came on top, with Nathan Parker sadly not winning the vote to be your next Societies EO. The question is, is Sam going to stick to his manifesto and integrate the Loughborough London students more – as so many have proposed in their manifestos?

Sport – Ashlea Prescott: RON once more easily lost to the uncontested candidate meaning Ashlea Prescott took the crown for Sport EO! Will she use her experience as AU Intern to carry out the elements of inclusivity, support and awareness discussed in her manifesto?

Welfare and Diversity – Hannah Keating: Another uncontested candidate won against RON again! As discussed in her manifesto, working with the Education EO, Careers Network and Enterprise and Employability EO, will she follow through and make this possible throughout her time as W&D EO to empower her volunteers?

Finance and Development – Sam Hill: We can’t forget the classic song choice for Sam’s entrance (Will Grigg’s on Fire) and the fact that he also won against RON! Will all of his awarded roles (including this one!) prove he has what it takes to be the best for VP Finance and Development?

Affairs and Development – Elliya Gemili: Despite the concerning statistics from Label’s own poll, Elliya beat the odds and RON at the same time, winning the title of VP Affairs and Development for the following year. Will she work hard to focus on her two main points in her manifesto, transparency and improving student feedback successfully?

Union President – George Etherington: After intense rounds of in total FOUR, it was between Kyle Pyne-James and George Etherington at the end and at this moment the tension was palpable. George Etherington was crowned your new Union President for 2017/18 and the crowd went wild chanting ‘We are Falk Egg, say we are Falk Egg’, so we can only imagine that Falk Egg are dead chuffed to finally have their hall chair become Union President!

The Executive Election is probably one of the most exhausting and gruelling times at university and each and every candidate worked incredibly hard to promote their campaigns and ultimately contribute back to their union. A HUGE congratulations to the winners and everyone involved from us here at Label, until next year, when the chaos begins again!


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