Elliya Gemili

250 Word Manifesto


Loughborough Students’ Union has an exceptional system providing us with data that I feel could be better used for communication purposes. I would like to use this data to provide students with more precise surveys, to obtain specific and regular, in-depth, student feedback. This would provide the Students’ Union with more accurate and detailed student opinions.

Student participation and attendance at Student Forums has been limited. Subsequently, a truthful reflection of student opinion campus-wide is not being attained. I would have a complete overhaul of the current process of student forum and develop a strategic plan to ensure that the correct people attend and participate within the data collection process. This would provide a stepping stone towards making the Students’ Union a more desirable and more effective student environment, that would continue to uphold its established reputation.


I would publicise the work of Union Affairs Committee, highlighting the importance of the decisions they make and the effect this has on the overall Union. I would include information regarding the committee and Student Forum increasing awareness of Loughborough’s prominent student democracy.

I would encourage more transparency with the Executive, releasing fortnightly videos from each section of no more than 90 seconds, notifying students of upcoming events and what the respective Executive member has accomplished. For those students who are unaware of what occurring within the Student Union, an increased social media presence would engage more of these individuals, alongside remaining current, creative and efficient.