Hannah Keating

250 Word Manifesto

ACCESSIBILITY: Improving the accessibility of W&D is paramount in reaching students who are not yet engaged, for both support and volunteering purposes. I will ensure the website is maintained, detailing all committee and association sub-committee members. It is vital to retain students who are already involved in W&D. To do so, I will implement monthly updates from each association, such as newsletters, videos or blog posts.

COLLABORATION: W&D encompasses every student at Loughborough. I would like to collaborate further with other sections of LSU, for example, working with the Education E.O. to introduce W&D reps into every department committee, as well as developing the AU Welfare Rep system by providing additional training and support. Collaboration with the College and both University campuses is key. Creating a small W&D committee underneath the Loughborough in London W&D representative would help to initially filter the section’s campaigns through to the London campus. In the college, re-launching the committee is vital for the support of college students too.

EMPOWERING VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers are essential to W&D. It is vital to support the development of our volunteers, to benefit both the section and the individual. I will provide regular training and appraisals throughout the year for the W&D Committee, but also association sub-committees, to ensure volunteers at all levels feel supported. I intend to work with the Enterprise & Employability E.O. and the Careers Network to create an employability award for W&D volunteers to gain tangible evidence of their brilliant work to carry forward after graduation.