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Ashlea Prescott

250 Word Manifesto

If elected I wish to improve:


  • Despite the large choice of sport at Loughborough, some students don’t find the right opportunities. To minimise this, I would look to increase promotion of all sport through LSU Media, Hall Sport Coordinators, AU Newsletters and WoW magazine.
  • Increased awareness and coverage will likely increase spectatorship. To encourage this, I would look to expand IMS Allstars and implement a D-Day type series across other universities.


  • Volunteers and coaches are key to success in Loughborough Sport. I would support them by improving the training and resources offered, building on the Club Development Programme and encouraging cross sharing of knowledge between strand and club committees.
  • I would also work alongside the CVA and SDC to help clubs recruit coaches and volunteers, offering performance-enhancing support.


  • The current sporting offer spans all levels, however does not visibly include Disability Sport. To change this, I would promote current accessible opportunities in My Lifestyle, IMS and the AU and provide inclusivity training to coaches and volunteers.
  • I would also look to increase the opportunities outside term times for postgraduate students and better support those running sport at the London Campus and College.


  • As AU Clubs are now predominantly self-sustainable, grant funding and ‘Club of the Week’ schemes have been implemented. I would continue these schemes.
  • However, costs across sport constantly rise. I wish to implement a financial review of the AU, seeking ways to minimise costs, whilst continuing to raise funds through sponsorship and alumni donations.