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Anna Milewska

250 Word Manifesto

One of the most fundamental reasons for running is my love for Action, the volunteers and the organisations we work with. If elected I will work hard to ensure the best reputation and the values of the section are being sustained, and our students are guaranteed the best student experience whilst at Loughborough!

Non-term volunteering opportunities:

  • Optimise out of term period to provide volunteering opportunities for Postgraduates, International, London and College students and introduce them to the section earlier.
  • Provide training opportunities for our London Reps to help them settle into new roles.

Understanding data and our students:

  • Improve the understanding of our section and our volunteers by operating MSL to its full capability.
  • By understanding the demographic of our students I will be able to target specific projects to a specific type of students, in order to help them with employability and personal development.
  • Use data to engage more students based on similar demographics and their paths of engagement in Action.
  • Reduction of admin responsibilities achieved by the development of a new platform that will translate information such as volunteered hours directly to students, in the similar way they can view their loyalty points or their record of skills gained.

Ensuring ongoing success:

  • Improve the way information is being passed over year after year. Create a more comprehensive handover process.
  • Implement more senior roles in our projects, to provide consistency and progression.
  • Provide even more exciting volunteering projects for our students, ones that are not only extra-curricular but co-curricular.