Rory Pears

250 Word Manifesto

  • Tailoring Specific Action projects to individuals
    • WHAT? Specifically choosing projects to benefit individuals.
    • HOW? Bringing Action to you, the students, e.g. Sports coaching for AU clubs, ‘Culture in the community’ for international students etc.
    • WHY? Increasing awareness of what Action can provide
  • Increase postgraduate involvement
    • WHAT? Around 4500 postgrads are here during summer whilst the union is effectively shut to them
    • HOW? Reward postgrads volunteering over the summer.
    • WHY? Make postgrads feel more included than ever before. The introduction of the new EO position and new JP committee has been effective, with involvement ever increasing.
  • Work with Rag EO to improve fundraising
    • WHAT? Budget cuts are an issue for Action
    • HOW? Organise fundraising training for hall reps and project leaders for the first time. I have already had positive feedback from committee members and Rag EO about this idea.
    • WHY? Maximise opportunities for the section from those running it. Providing the students with extra opportunities for involvement in Action
  • Increasing Action/Hall Committee communication/involvement
    • WHAT? Poor handover periods and hall committee involvement decreasing over the last few years
    • HOW? Committee should meet before the new academic year rather than in September. Work with hall chairs to have termly committee action projects.
    • WHY? Improving the section from the top of action all the way to the volunteers, to be in the best position at the starting line of Freshers.