Sam Hill

250 Word Manifesto

LSU in London Societies Development

There is only 1 society at LUiL. I will work with the team at LSU in London and Postgrad EO to find a model for “Societies Experience”, that works for the PG environment of LUiL. I believe this is going to be a mix of establishing “wings” of Loughborough societies, encouraging Loughborough based societies to run events in london and developing ways societies can continue over multiple years here.

Societies Framework

Establish templates for some elements of a society including, LSU web pages and risk assessments for common event types. This will make setting up a society less daunting, frameworks give you a starting point you can build on and develop. I will work with existing Societies and Societies Development Officer to build these up, rewarding those Societies that can contribute.

Personal Development

I will work with the new Enterprise and Employability EO and University Careers Network to run more sessions focused on personal skill development. Some examples there’s already interest in:

  • Attracting sponsors
  • Marketing your Society
  • Teaching others

These sessions would be non-compulsory but would be additional to the twice yearly training for committees.

Build on the work of those that came before me.

The section doesn’t need radical change every year. It is important to build on what those before me have done. Sophie Farley’s Appraisal System, Jenna Holmes’ Employability Award and Joe Ross-Nelson’s Societies Forums are all hugely important for the section and need to remain an ongoing priority.