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Nathan Parker

250 Word Manifesto

Throughout my 5 years at Loughborough I have always been an active member of societies and have taken full advantage of the multitude of opportunities it has given me. I feel like many students don’t participate with societies and I feel like everyone deserves the chance to take part in this amazing section. If elected I would:

-Change Give it a Go week.

I’d like to change this to a fortnight for the beginning of the year nearing the end of Fresher’s week; first years sometimes have so much information thrown at them at the beginning of the year, that having the chance to see what is on offer for a longer time would hopefully increase involvement in the section.

-Implement Swap Week.

The idea for this is so that people actively involved in the section can switch or combine with another society. This will be organised by myself and will have set up sessions for specific societies which have shown an interest to be involved with the week. Through this I hope to achieve higher inter-societal interaction.

-Attempt to increase ongoing engagement within the section.

I’d hope to achieve this by sorting out a rewards scheme with the union for active members in terms of loyalty points. The way active members would be decided is through nomination by the chairs of the societies once a month and then the executive committee would decide, there would be 10 winners a month.