250 Word Manifesto

Having been a student of both Loughborough College and Loughborough University, I have personally seen the disparity in the UK’s number one student experience. The current experience offered to College students is not the best in the UK, I aim to bring the experience up to par by working on the following:

Developing the Committee

Building on the work that has been done this year, I would like to further develop the College Committee by increasing the number of roles, having representatives from the committee sit on their relevant union section committees, working with the section committees to further engage college students.

Improving the Learner Rep scheme

I will build a reward scheme for the Learner representatives to celebrate their achievements and recognise the huge difference that student feedback is making, as well as developing additional training similar to that offered to Programme Reps through Student Voice.

Incorporating Loyalty points

I will further incorporate the LSU loyalty point scheme into the college, working on the teething issues experienced by many students. By working with the college shop, they would be able to have offers tailored to the things students want.

Building flexible social spaces

Current developments around the College shop and the installation of Starbucks have made a large impact, but I aim to create a social space at the College similar to the Piazza at LSU. The space could be used for flexible working, and also for casual social use, thus creating an LSU hub for College students.