Tom Bond

250 Word Manifesto

At the college there is often a feeling that the university students don’t respect the college or want them getting involved with events. I want to change this idea, to show that the college students as full and equal members of the students union can join societies and have nights out.
With societies there is a very low intake from college students particularly in FE I want to get more FE students involved. Additionally I want to improve Rag and Action at the college.
For HE students at the college I want to access to the Pilkington library added automatically onto student cards so they don’t have to have to wait to use it.
For all loucoll students I wish to implement a 48hour guaranteed email response from tutors/lecturers as I know this is often mentioned (with allowances for holiday and weekends).
For college students who are living in Loughborough there is currently no dedicated student GP service like the medi-center on campus for the university students, I want to try and gain access for these students as some would prefer to have access here rather than having to register in town.
Finally the welfare services at the college need improving, currently the college does not offer a proper counselling service (after having removed it in December 2016). I want to re-implement one or failing that get college students the right to access the university counselling service as this is an important for student’s mental health and wellbeing.