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Michael Dunne

250 Word Manifesto

I have 3 main aims to strive for to improve Rag for all students:

  • Where does your fundraising go?
  • I want to increase transparency between students and charities so YOU know what the fundraised money goes towards and who it benefits.
  • To inform where money that YOU helped raise from campus events such as the Colour Dash and Fireworks Extravaganza, goes and who it helps.
  • Access to information about challenges.
  • I want to make it easier for YOU to find out information about the internal and external challenges that Rag recruit for.
  • I plan to do this by designing a new LSU Rag website where information on these challenges is easy to find and sign-up instructions are easy to follow.


  • This gives easier access to information for College and Postgraduate students (Loughborough and London) as getting them more involved in Rag would be one of my top priorities if elected as Rag executive officer.
  • I want hall reps to know how many sign ups to challenges their hall has. This will create competition between halls so see who can get the most which increases participation in Rag overall.
  • Make Rag more accessible to YOU.
  • I plan to encourage hall reps to set up their own specialised hall charity events (like Royce’s annual Royce 100 where students from outside Royce get involved in).
  • These events can be advertised to other halls and to college and postgraduate students to increase the variety of events they can get involved in.