Action RON

Candidate 1 seems to show a clearer understanding of the systems LSU has in place to track student engagement and targeting students. The mention of being able to view student volunteering hours like we view loyalty points is an interesting one, but how would it be implemented? Candidate 2 doesn’t go into much details regarding how they are going to target students, short of making some links between coaching for AU and cultural projects for international students. As far as I’m aware, those projects are already advertised to certain demographics – how would this candidate implement something that makes a tangible difference?

Both talk about the groups of people LSU has not catered for in the past, which is good. LSU has been making strides in engaging the disengaged this year. The focus on Postgraduates is welcome (though it is worth nothing due to Candidate 2 incorrectly says 4500 remain over summer – we have around 4500 total but not all of those will stay over summer). Out of term-time opportunities tie into the previous manifesto of the PG Executive Officer – but neither candidate says how they are going to implement changes. Let’s hope details can be expanded on during campaigning. Candidate 2 at least mentions some form of reward system for summer involvement – Candidate 1 doesn’t mention anything in that regard. How would either incentivise summer involvement? Candidate 1 also mentions other underrepresented student demographics – and is the only candidate to discuss Loughborough London. What would Candidate 2 do to incorporate these students in Action?

Candidate 2 discusses the financial restrictions are under place as the section continues to expand – and a fundraising initiative within Action is a welcome one, that will certainly help (especially with overseas volunteers.) Whoever wins, this would be a welcome addition to the section. Their point about Hall Committee projects seems a bit pointless however – lots of hall committees do this at the start of the year. The final point seems muddled – and the reasoning overly simple and vague.