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It seems that whilst the points the candidates make have positive connotations, neither candidate seems to fully have control over the points and promises they are attempting to make.

Both candidates talk about the improvement of section relations with the college. Whilst this point in principle would be good. Neither candidate has been able to give any clarification as to how. Whilst Josh Thompson talks about the college committee, have they considered the implications this would have on positions already within the section committees, and by sticking a position on the side would negate the responsibility of certain positions or the relative officer. Tom Bond however hasn’t given any indication on how he would make improvements regardless.

Tom Bond has mentioned how they would like instant University library access and quicker response times to emails. Access to the university library is already available to college students with an external user’s application. And Loughborough college staff have a 7-day response time as standard. The candidate should look into the possibility of an easier application process, but the email response times isn’t something that’s enforceable by the students’ union, so it will be interesting to see how they seeks to do this.

Josh Thompson talks about learner rep rewards, but fails to specify what they may be, which doesn’t seem to offer any incentive for the reps alongside their apparent success. It would be interesting to see some more depth to this. Their loyalty points improvement doesn’t seem to have much background either. The college shop already has relevant offers, similar to that of the Union shop. However, they don’t seem to cover any form of HE issues regarding loyalty on LSU venue nights.

Josh Thompson also bats around the idea of flexible social spaces. The area in which they suggest already acts as such, and they offer no examples as to what ‘piazza’ will offer besides it’s already current use.

Tom Bond talks about the services, such as the University GP and the counselling service. The counselling service is still in place through a text service so is this point redundant?