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This manifesto shows a good understanding of the issues that affect students, and would likely improve student experience if the points are achieved. However, it lacks a certain amount of ambition and clarity in terms of what can be achieved, and potentially showcases a lack of understanding into the way the University works.

Starting with the first manifesto point – the release of timetables is and will always be a contentious issue amongst students. I believe that this would improve student satisfaction, but the candidate needs to think more clearly about what exactly they want to achieve. “Timetables being released earlier than they currently are” is a vague point, and the candidate should consider a more precise goal. Also, the candidate would need to talk to the University to see how achievable this would actually be. From my perspective, I am unsure. The candidate needs to figure out exactly what their goal is before they can set about making this a key aim for their year in office.

Secondly, dissertation clarification – I can see why the candidate thinks that there is work to be done in this area, yet the point is unclear. Will they be seeking a change in processes or just improving communication pathways between department and students? I would question here whether the candidate is aware of work being conducted already in this area by the current Executive Officer. How will the manifesto point contribute to this?

Finally, peer support. Firstly, it is positive to see a manifesto point about peer support. However, the candidate seems to have misunderstood the differences in the two aspects mentioned. Peer mentoring and PAL are different schemes with different aims. The candidate doesn’t seem to be aware of the difference, evidenced by the fact that they seem to not realise peer mentoring is in place for all Part A students, whilst PAL is offered in nine departments. However, there is a definite need for Peer Support to be extended, and I think this would be a good thing for an Education EO candidate to focus on.

Yours sincerely,