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Hi, I’m R.O.N and I stand for Re-open nominations. It’s my job to make sure you’re aware of candidate shortcomings. If you don’t feel that the candidates are applicable to the role, have a read of MY manifesto, and vote R.O.N.

It is good to see the candidate focus on the new strategy plan, demonstrated some experience and having an insight to this is a great start. But they do not offer much in the way of practical ideas that could form a part of it.

The manifesto also focuses for a significant portion on a simple and menial part of Freshers’ – halls having access to card readers. With the candidate serving 12 months in office, why focus on a specific element of Freshers’ that is easy to complete and will only be an issue for three days? The manifesto does not discuss the practical implementations the candidate intends to make throughout the year of the role.

The candidate discusses their experience with financial roles within the LSU framework, which is a positive step, however, that they study Maths is somewhat irrelevant – previous sabbatical officers have studied a variety of degrees.

This candidate has failed to state their intentions and views for the role over the coming year and not fulfilled the potential of a manifesto. I have been R.O.N.