Below are the main critiques made from the candidate’s manifestos. These should hopefully lead to a greater explanation of their points, or their retraction if the candidates realise they are a false promise to the student population and not possible in the role.

Michael Dunne

The manifesto shows a clear structure of the candidate’s aims. However, does show a lack of understanding of current systems in place.

• Transparency has featured in manifestos for years, highlighting that total transparency is possibly not achievable. Candidate does not identify how they intend to improve it.
• A new website is not possible if Rag are to follow the unions brand and data capture system. An unrealistic suggestion which has been explained to the candidate previously.
• Creating competition between halls for international sign ups is not original, this is currently in place for next year and the candidate is aware of this.

Ellie Glock

A very detailed manifesto presented by the candidate. However, appears to lack originality.

• Candidate identifies existing procedures within Rags structure and committee roles as a means of engagement, and has failed to identify an original way of targeting student demographics.
• Rag historically has been developing its relationship with the College, Raids have been organised, and Rag already present what’s available to college students. No acknowledgement of some age restrictions.
• Incentives lack an understanding of budget restrictions.
• The manifesto fails to mention aspects of Rag other than bucket collections. No mention of international treks that make up nearly 2/3rds of the total.

Lumi Ojagbemi

The candidate suggests some good ideas. However, others seem insignificant and perhaps do not show a deeper understanding of the section.

• Despite encouragement, the Rag E.O. does not have control over hall run events, hall budgets may not allow for this and may disadvantage some halls.
• Rag actively works with sections of the union. The candidate fails to show an understanding of current internal relations.
• Candidate shows a lack of understanding of raid procedures and bookings. Suggested change would require mass expense to the section with no return on investment. Multi day raids will also limit participation due to course/extra curricular commitments.