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Overall there is nothing too adventurous in any of these manifestos. Many points would have been better if more research would have been done.

Ashish Sharma

The candidate has said a lot of things we need to improve on but nowhere do they say how to do it or why. What change in the education do they want to provide, how do we add students to Rag and Welfare events?

The manifesto does not show full knowledge of how the union works, for example for this election we have added a full time member of the team for enterprise and employability.

Kyle Pyne-James

The iSupport and ilead points are quite hard implement, especially since the groups mentioned are all very different groups with varying wants and needs.

IReward is a good idea but is already done in many sections in the union in some shape or form. Action and Rag both reward volunteers with their star volunteer and fundraiser stash on top of volunteer rewards any member of exec can give to their own volunteer of the week/month in their own section.

George Etherington

JC’s is already used to hold events, what type of events is the candidate thinking of that cannot already be held in the building? Creating storage out of nowhere is easier said than done.

There is already a campaign by Sport and Welfare in the works to talk about mental health called team talk. In what way is Heads Up not supported enough, does the candidate know enough on it to make this statement?

George Swindells

The candidates aims to bring awareness to different sections of the union but does not say how they plan to do so.

They don’t say how they want to expand and advance the union, just that it needs better promotion.

The idea of an LSU app is in no way a new idea. It has been looked into and is quite a costly investment to make one that fits the criteria needed to be worthwhile. We are currently looking into a joint venture with the university.