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Tom Stovell

250 Word Manifesto


In previous years, volunteer training has been primarily re-created from scratch each year by the new committee members of each section or individuals. Therefore, I propose to work with the current and future committees to develop a comprehensive LSU Media training programme throughout all the sections.

The result will be a programme that allows new volunteers to know immediately from the onset of joining what there is available to learn and how to progress within the section.


As an extension of the training platform, a series of ‘handbooks’ can be introduced. These handbooks will be similar to a diary for each committee position, in which they write about what worked for their position and what didn’t. This will help to improve and inspire future committees, who will be able to learn from the detailed mistakes and successes of their predecessors.

Recruitment and Marketing

To improve the visibility and reach of LSU Media, I plan to introduce periodic workshops within the Union and Halls throughout the year, these workshops will help to attract new volunteers by getting a taster for Media.

Improving upon the LSU Media marketing forum that was setup this year, a full marketing committee will be established. Alongside each section’s marketing committee members, there will volunteers responsible for certain genres of content and mediums. The marketing committee will almost act as its own section within media.