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Ellie Glock

250 Word Manifesto

I want to pair Rag’s success with our changing demographic. Across Loughborough, participation has been down but by reaching a wider audience, ensuring participants’ satisfaction, and improving the way we fundraise, we can hit the £1,000,000 mark every year.


Historically, a number of groups have not been given enough attention. By targeting these students through Departments and the College we can increase engagement and get more individuals into Rag:

  • Incentivise Department Committees through Department of the Year scoring.
  • Award extra points for Postgrads and International student involvement.
  • Assign a Rag Committee member to DSF to guide their Reps.
  • Implement a College raid, Choose-a-Challenge, and a regular Rag slot in the College.


Every student who gets involved should want to come back for more. In order to keep our students happy, I want to demonstrate my appreciation by showcasing their achievements and gaining them employment:

  • Publish monthly “Top Fundraisers” to recognise individuals.
  • Design SF Stash earlier to advertise Raid rewards.
  • Share Charity Internships through Rag social media.
  • Run workshops on Events, Bucket Collecting, and Rag for CVs.


Improving the way we raise money to better fit our Union will increase totals and overall enjoyment:

  • Write “Starter Packs” for Reps and Team Leaders using past experience to help them succeed.
  • Make films on Bucket Collecting to help fundraisers and demonstrate the fun of Raids.
  • Promote local collections to Halls and Departments.
  • Introduce an online event proposal form with drop-in sessions for students to create brand new innovative events.