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Lumi Ojagbemi

250 Word Manifesto

Online Rag Calendar: 

I believe having a digital Calendar which students can view what events are on will allow for more people to get involved with the section by giving them time to plan.

Upping Hall run Rag events:

I want to improve this by actively trying to encourage and helping in the organization of events in halls. This could be done by sharing successfully events other halls have run and by introducing a reports about events halls have tried.

Have a form of feedback for students:

An online feedback form or a rating system with a suggestion box would mean as section, Rag would be able to tailor the events organised better to what students want.

Have raids go to better places:

I propose a change in how we book Rag raids. I believe we should stick to big cities and lean more towards 2 day events were students go the night before they collect money, then they are free to do what they want (go out if that’s what they wish) and then the next day they collect for charity and head home.

Increase connections with other sections of the union: 

I believe Rag can improve if it uses other sections of the union to help with new events. Examples of this could be using Sports by organising a 5 a side football tournament for charity or running events specifically for the college to get them more involved.