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What is the role?

The Enterprise & Employability E.O will be responsible for the development of employability opportunities and progression with the relevant University departments, alongside the head of Student Development. Within Enterprise they will organise events and promote the entrepreneurial skills in different sectors.

What is the biggest challenge of the role?

The biggest challenge will be to understand that the needs of the entrepreneurial student is changing and they’ll have to create events that meet the needs of these requirements. Making sure they will have a consistent level of engagement in a quickly expanding section of LSU will also be a difficulty aspect to challenge. Understanding the difference between the two sides of the job will also be integral to the success of the role.

What will make a good candidate for the role?

They will need to utilise every aspect of both the LSU and the University to make sure students are seeing the successful development of both the section and the role itself. They will need to be able to communicate with multiple sectors of the student body effectively, as the needs of undergraduates and PGT or PGR students will vastly differ.

The Enterprise Role
The Enterprise Role