Leo Yang

250 Word Manifesto

As your first Enterprise & Employability Executive Officer, I aim to achieve the following next year:


* Offer enterprising events to ALL departments through DSF and working with Department Chairs. Enterprise is not solely about starting a business, but also develop personal skills.

* Work closely with the University’s Enterprise Office, and the Head of Student and Graduate Enterprise in developing enterprise in our curriculum and students.

* Implement the £10 Hall Challenge so it runs over a longer period of time.

* Develop enterprising events in tandem with sections within LSU

* Create a system so that student volunteers are aware of the enterprising skills developed by getting involved in sections.

* Work closely with the staff, students and Enterprise Rep in LUiL

* Bring more enterprising events/activities to Loughborough College Students and further develop their Enterprise Society by working with senior figures within the college.

* Work with the Post-Grad EO to bring PGT/PGR specific enterprise events and help.


* Form an effective bond with DSF by placing the EO position onto the Committee itself, whilst also working closely with Careers Reps within each department.

* Create a calendar of events for Careers Reps and the Careers Network of events which are specific to each department.

* Continue finding effective ways to promote the services of the Careers Network to students.

* Form a strategic plan with the Careers Network on how the EO should operate now that the position is full-time.

* Develop graduate events for final year students and PGT/PGR students who plan to go into employment.