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Enterprise & Employability RON

The role in which the candidate is standing for is “Enterprise & Employability”. The candidate talks about working with Student and Graduate Enterprise but fails to released enterprise is extra circular and not co-circular. Implementing this point would be co-circular activity.

Throughout the manifesto the candidate talking about ‘bringing more enterprising events’ to various demographics. However, there is no specificity of what the events will entail. It is important that the style and structure of enterprising events is discussed as the needs of the entrepreneurial students is changing.

The candidate focuses on making £10 Hall Challenge a longer event. However, this event mainly engaged hall committee students and there are other events, which are equal as interesting, more enterprising and engage more students. The candidate does not justify why he wants to do this.

The candidate does not seem to realise that enterprise events with PGR students could inflict with Intellectual Property rights that the university may have. Therefore, Enterprise at the Union may not be able to put on these events.

With employability the candidate talks about events but fails to talk about what type of events they would hold for various departments, especially when each department has careers teams. The point is vague, what do employability events look like? Do you meet companies, attend CV workshops? The lack of depth suggests the candidate does not actually fully understand what he going to do for union run employability events.

The candidate has not once talked about the importance of making students aware of the difference between recruitment and employability. This is crucial point surrounding how employability facilities can help students and it has no once been mentioned.

The candidate has shown no any evidence that backs this plan. As this also a new position, how will the candidate know what is important to the student?