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Ashish Sharma

250 Word Manifesto

We are the Change Makers! Here to bring change in student’s lives and experience. It is only possible when all of you unitedly stand with each other. We need to add new strategies to Loughborough student union by using our creative thinking and new solutions.

* We must have great analysis, communication skills and strong character.

* We need to bring change in education system.

* We need to bring change in the way of recreational activities and parties.

* We need to add students for more Rag and welfare & diversity events.

* We need to have new ways to deliver our enterprise and employability responsibilities.

Quick Brief about me:

I am a Master of business Administration student and worked with Accenture as consultant leading and managing teams. I already have bachelor’s degree in technology computer science engineering. I love playing sports, travelling to new places and trying new food, going to parties with friends and doing social work. I am not here to win or lose but to learn from each one of you! Cheers!