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Kyle Pyne-James

250 Word Manifesto

The ‘i’ in my campaign is not for me. The ‘i’ is for you and your Union. As leader of the executive, this is what I will ensure the Union will do for you next year:

* iConnect

* Bringing the union to your door with the campaign, “Union connects with…”. The Exec will spend selected days in areas, such as the Village, town centre, West Park, East Park etc., connecting with more students and giving them a taste of the Union.

* iProgress

* Leading the Union back to number one for student satisfaction by ensuring the plans to renovate the LSU building are accelerated and executed in a fashion that does not jeopardise the current student experience.

* iSupport

* LSU will engage with and support its wide variety of students, not just within the Union, but across the entire campus. From Freshers to Alumni, from Postgrads to Loughborough London, from internationals to the College, the LSU will give every student the chance to get involved.

* iLead

* The Union will lead you to the best experience during your time at Loughborough. The Exec will be focused, motivated and will ensure the students are supported while maintaining a good relationship with the University.

* iReward

* Ensuring students are acknowledged and rewarded for their participation in all sections. The Union will find a feasible way in which students can gain Loyalty Points for achievements such as doing an Action project, going on a Rag raid, supporting a sporting fixture etc.