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George Etherington

250 Word Manifesto

If elected, I have 4 main objectives:

Common Rooms: Huge strain is currently on Halls to provide suitable space for social activity.

* I will aim to create alternative spaces such as using existing rooms as alternative places for these activities, or purpose building new areas for these activities.

* This will limit strain on Halls, whilst also providing better, more accessible spaces for Clubs and Societies.

Alumni Relations: Having been part of a Hall with huge success on their Alumni weekend, and aim to replicate this across campus:

* Appoint Alumni Reps for year groups of halls.

* Reps can be a line of contact to current committees, helping organising these weekends.

* People stay in contact after University, with chances to return for fun weekends and offer current students job advice/opportunities.

* Raise for Rag.

Improving JC’s: I will aim to restructure JC’s:

* Using space more effectively with seating areas and items such as pool tables.

* Creating suitable storage for tables and chair for nights or events, to save space.

* Use the area to hold more events, which could be in aid of Rag

Mental Health Campaign: Mental health is often seen as weak, especially within a sport-dominated University. I will aim to promote campaigns better as a Union.

* Movember can be more effective, with more information

* Campaigns such as Heads Up can be supported and promoted better

* Work with Sport and Welfare can create a campaign supporting and raising awareness.