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George Swindells

250 Word Manifesto

Over the next year, my priorities will be to raise awareness of student support facilities already provided by the university and improve accessibility of and interest in the many programmes offered by the Students’ Union, including societies, nightlife and day time activities.

One of the most important yet under-advertised areas of the LSU is its student support programmes, including Nightline and Student Voice. These fantastic services allow students to seek support for both academic and personal concerns in a secure and anonymous way but many students are unaware of them, forcing them to suffer in silence rather than seeking the help they need.

I will also seek to raise the awareness of sober nights at the Union, as well as introducing new events such as silent discos in order to provide a place for those less interested in the mayhem of Hey Ewe and FND; as the #1 ranked university for student experience it is essential that we make sure every student’s experience is equally enjoyable.

We must also recognise the incredible work done by the college, including art exhibitions and performances, advertising them around the university so that interested students can properly appreciate this aspect of the LSU.

Finally, I propose an LSU app that will be freely available for all students. This app will include information about nights out, events at the university and information about societies and Rag allowing students to personalize notifications about events relevant to them and bringing the Loughborough experience into the 21st Century.