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Rahul Mathasing running for President


  • Work with student associations to help under-represented and disengaged groups from Loughborough University, Loughborough in London, and the College, have a say on their representation within Loughborough Students’ Union; and what they feel the best way to do this is.
  • Further outreach to International Students here at Loughborough and engage them on their terms.
  • As the primary link between the Union and the University, advocate Students’ needs to the University; and communicate the University’s goals back to the Students.
  • Create working groups, rather than focus groups, to promote discussions in all of these areas.
  • Reaffirm that that the Union is more than just a recreational ‘night’ venue, and offers many co- and extra-curricular opportunities.


  • Maintain the momentum of Mental Health Awareness, with a view to Educational needs, in order to explore how the University can help Students achieve the best they can regardless of disabilities.
  • Look to introduce plans that can ease the load on University staff and help students access available services with greater confidence.

Collaboration and Communication:

  • Promote and expand on the recent work of cross-sectional activities and campaigns that show we are UNION, not just the sum of our parts.
  • Showcase the transferable skills gained through engagement across a number of sections.

Increase awareness and accessibility of processes involved when interacting with Union services for events, to allow the development of good internal relationships.